Spinning The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars

Tomorrow is the spinning class and I am having a fun time putting together all the class supplies – lots of fiber and sparkle! I am seeing this not only as a time to make some beautiful yarn, but also to get myself readied for my interview with an astronaut in the next week or two. I love looking at all the astronomy books and the web sites of stars, gas giants, nebula, star nurseries, and just general “space”. Awesome stuff! Now with these sparkly yarns, I will be able to create my own universe. Why wait for SETI to discover if there is intelligent life in the Universe when I can create my own Universe and populate it with everything from one-celled organisms to statuesque, multi-limbed aliens. Sci-Fi meets the fiber arts – catchy title for a spinning/ knitting/ crocheting/ needle felting/ etc. conference, don’t you think?


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