From Spinning The Galaxy to Spinning The Deep Blue Sea

The spinning class was great! Everyone tried different combinations of the rovings and sparkly fibers for some awesome yarns. One learned to Navajo-ply so she could keep her handpainted colors in order and it turned out fabulously!

So how did we go from Spinning the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars to Spinning the Deep Blue Sea? One of the roving colors we used was a deep green with blue undertones. When some of Gale Evans’ Proud Peacock Firestar was placed on it – OH WOW! It was the perfect color with just the right amount of glitz for a mermaid’s tail. So, of course, I got on the computer and downloaded the freebie pattern from Kreinik ( for the little crocheted mermaid. Then I ran back to my fiber stash and began mixing and blending for her tail, her bikini top, and her hair. Her body is going to be some pink merino/silk and the silk adds enough luster to make her body shine as much as the rest of her will. I already have the yarn spun for her hair and her bikini top. Tomorrow I will finish the yarns for the body and her tail. With each color needing only 20 yards or less, this is going to be a quick spin toward a completed project. Watch for upcoming photos!


1 Comment

  1. Charlene said,

    March 9, 2008 at 10:13 am


    Sounds like a wonderful day – can’t wait to see pictures of it all.

    Now I have to start working on my Cape

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