Weekend With The Nutmeg Spinners

I just returned from my weekend with the Nutmeg Spinning Guild on the CT/MA border (sounds like an immigration nightmare!). What a fun time! As always, I learned as much as I taught.

On Saturday, I was embraced by over 100 spinners all in the same room with spinning wheels whirring, knitting needles clicking, and vendors, vendors, vendors! Whew! It was a wonderfully overwhelming experience. I was so, so tempted to buy, buy, buy, but Charlene had my wallet tucked firmly in my bag under her seat and kept getting her feet in the way so I couldn’t get at it. It wasn’t that she didn’t want me to buy more fiber – knowing that there is no more space in my studio (but, hey, there is still the guest bathroom that needs to be “accessorized”, right?) – but she already knew the boxes and bags that I needed somehow to get back to Georgia were already going to fill her car on the way to UPS. (Did I say that she and I visited yarn shops on Friday???) I did manage to purchase one roving in almost fluorescent colors – I had to buy it because I used it to demonstrate stripping! I couldn’t give it back after that, could I? Chris of The Painted Sheep dyed rovings in several different colorways for the workshop and every one of them was awesome! The Magic of Spinning Handpainted Fibers workshop was really fun and I got to see some award winning yarns of the spinners while walking around assisting with the various techniques. I think it is correct to say that “a good time was had by all”.

Sunday was a smaller, but no less fun group. We were on the upper floor of a fire station and had plenty of room to spread out for the Spinning The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars workshop. Again, I learned as much as the wonderful women who came for the workshop! And these women definitely know the rule that “eating and fiber arts are kindred spirits”, having brought all my favorite foods to share for lunch. After the spinning portion of the workshop, many stars were started and one was completed having each point a different color. Beautiful!

Bobbie, an alpaca farmer and the guild’s librarian, rode with me and Charlene to the meeting after which she took us on a tour of their small farm. All her alpacas are so people-friendly and I got nuzzled over and over again. Then we visited her farm store and she gave me some alpaca yarn mill-spun from the fleece of Berto, the bad boy of the ranch (he is such a bully that he gave another of the boys an ulcer!). I am going to make something that will definitely “kick butt” so Berto will be proud. Check out these cute alpacas at www.summerbrookalpacas.com.

I got so many new ideas from the great conversations with this group of awesome spinners that I will be busy with them for months to come! If you want to meet some of these wonderful women, you can visit them on Ravelry in the Nutmeg Spinners group.

So what are you working on? I will let you know my projects next time!


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