A Tribute To Lupin and Tonks

picture-017 The loom finally got warped, thanks to Geri showing me that great “c-clamp and chair” warping technique. Here is the scarf/wall hanging as of February 8. It is a bit longer now, though I have doubts that I have enough yarn to make it a scarf, so it will become a wall hanging. The warp is a commercial silk thread size 20 dyed by Red Fish Dyeworks. The weft is handspun 50/50 merino/silk in the Ruby colorway, dyed by Lisa Millman of Dicentra Fibers. Because I am in “learning” mode, I did not realize that the warp was spaced too far apart for a plain weave, so it is weft-faced. The lovely silk threads will show only in the fringe. I love the look, though, and am not at all disappointed with how it is turning out.

Wish I was having as much fun with the knitting. Though I did get a photo of my puppet head, Voldemort,


there hasn’t been any more work on the puppets. I am working on three sweaters and a vest, all in different stages of frogging. If I ever get them finished, it means I have a whole new sweater wardrobe for next Winter!


1 Comment

  1. Theresa said,

    April 28, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Is it ok if I happen to mention that Voldemort looks a little like Mick Jagger?

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