A New Spinner

Yesterday my friend, Marsha, came over to learn to spin on her new Ashford Kiwi. She bought the wheel before she knew how to spin – an awesomely brave woman (must be a Gryffindor) – a year ago! Now she felt she was ready to forge ahead and forge she did. She spun four yarns from four different preparations and did fabulously. When she left, she was trying to decide if she wanted to save her first yarn as her “First Yarn” or crochet it into a coaster.

It was a wonderful day for me getting to discuss with Marsha such things as muscle memory, knowing “on the inside” when the time is right to try something new; the thrill of simply “plunging in” and learning what you want to learn without all the pre-lectures on history, means, and methods; learning something new when everyone else says you are “too old”; creativity (and noting that awesome quality in our friend Kathy who is never afraid to boldly go where no one has gone before); and other great discussion topics. We had such fun with Marsha learning to spin and seeing proof before her very eyes that even those of us who have been spinning for years make mistakes (I accidently plied in the same direction as I spun my teaching sample and, well, you spinners will know what happened. Not a pretty sight, but an excellent teaching tool!).

On the knitting side, I am working on a Knitting Pure and Simple pullover with stash yarn toward my goal of using up as much of my stash as possible this year. As usual, I can’t leave even such a great pattern as this alone and am toying with the idea of using ribbing instead of the rolled edgings on the sweater. Not a big change, but one that works better for me and my lifestyle. Also, yesterday’s spinning class got me excited about getting back to spinning more of the top for my multi-colored vest, so I may be sitting at the wheel more in the upcoming month. So much fiber excitement! What is the fiber excitement in your life?


Even Dilbert Understands Creativity

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.”  – Dilbert

Creativity Quote and Idea for Today

“A new idea comes suddenly and in a rather intuitive way. But, intuition is nothing but the outcome of earlier intellectual experience.” Albert Einstein

From thinking about Christmas stockings, my mind led me to the idea of Friendship stockings. For 2008, I have invited seven friends/acquaintances to join me on the first Sunday afternoon each month to knit our own Friendship stockings and enjoy a time of positive support, laughter, and idea sharing. In November, we will have a potluck and each bring a friendship gift for each of the others stockings – small handmade gifts from our hands and hearts. Throughout the year, we will be able to get to know each other, gather new ideas, and be a support for those in the group. I encourage you to invite a few friends/acquaintances to join you for a Friendship stocking group. Since the stockings are as big as Christmas stockings, and you only have to knit one, there is lots of room for creative expression. And we all need good friends around us – this is the chance to form bonds of friendship with those who come to your group.