The spinning class has been rescheduled for March 8 so more folks can participate. I have kept up my sparkly spinning so there will be plenty of samples to see. I knitted stars from some handspun cotton and nylon. Now I am spinning a “cloud” I got from Gale (www.galesart.com) that is destined to become Rapunzel, a hand puppet. I can see lots of potential in these flashy yarns. Will post pics when I can get to them.


My new spinning class is ready to roll and will be adding some real pizzazz to the yarns spun in the class. We will be using various techniques to blend some shimmer, shine, and sparkle into the fibers for spinning, then adding more when we want the yarns to POP even more. If you are interested in glitter and glam, check out the class specs below!

Spinning The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars: $60 (class fee includes fiber) – Saturday, February 16 from 12:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Prerequisites: Student must be able to spin a continuous thread without assistance.

Students should bring: Spinning wheel and accessories (spinning oil, extra drive bands, extra leader thread, etc.); hand cards; ball winder; niddy noddy, one light colored hand towel and one dark colored hand towel, pen/pencil and paper/notebook for taking notes.

Spin around the Galaxy with spinning fibers and lots of sparkle! Learn how to make your yarns shimmer and shine by blending in synthetic and metallic fibers. Learn to place large areas of glowing beauty between the smaller, star-like spaces of your yarn. We will be using hand cards, a drum carder, and our fingers to incorporate these fun fibers into place before sitting down to do some Galactic spinning! Whether you make a fun hat, scarf, or other garment, or some stars to hang around during the holidays (or to celebrate another Mars Rover landing), your projects are sure to get lots of complements! This is the only time this class will be offered before SAFF.


I’m dealing with my 2008 fiber stash reduction in a different way than my yarn stash reduction. My friend, Andreana, is a new spinner and is helping me organize my studio (many stars in her crown for this!). Whenever we come across a bag of fiber that I am no longer interested in spinning, it goes home with her. Now I need to get to the real stash reduction by spinning up all the rest. When I consider that on my spinning wheel is the same bobbin of yarn that I began spinning at SAFF at the end of last October, this is not looking good. Okay, time for me to get organized and set aside spinning time every day. When I took the cotton spinning class, our assignment was to spin cotton for two hours every day for the four weeks of the class. Surely I can find two hours to enjoy the humming of the wheel and whittle down my stash! I’ll let you know how it goes!


one-top-five-ways.jpg  Yesterday was the “One Top Five Ways: The Magic of Spinning Handpainted Fiber” class at my house. It was a great success! Everyone had lots of yarn samples to take home with them after a fun day of spinning a wonderful top dyed by Gale Evans.  The addition of fudgy, frosted brownies didn’t hurt, either. One spinner has already set aside a couple of her sample yarns to enter in the Georgia National Fair!

 Next spinning class will be “Spinning the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars” and I think everyone from yesterday’s class will be attending that, too. There will be some really flashy yarns coming from that class!


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