I’m Still Here!

I’ve been busy since getting back from Chicago. The woven scarf has not been done because just as I was about to warp the loom, a friend said, “why don’t you knit it this way?” It was such a good idea that I stopped to think about it and it has not had any forward momentum since.

In the meantime, I have worked on my puppets – details in the Knit Puppets and More blog – http://www.knitpuppets.wordpress.com. And, I have finally gotten back to my spinning wheel. Gale Evans – http://www.galesart.blogspot.com – gave me some beautiful silk roving she had dyed to spin and that is what is on the wheel now. I have so many spinning projects to do that my wheel should keep me busy for awhile.

UFOs: YIKES! I have been organizing – yes, still – my studio and have found about a bazillion UFOs! These are now being placed in specially designated tubs so I can work through them methodically. I made myself stop and think why each of them is still a UFO. I found some that simply got put aside when a more pressing project came to the fore. The ones that bother me, though, are the ones that got side-tracked because I showed the project to someone who said something like: “If I were doing it, I wouldn’t use that yarn-stitch-needle size – whatever.” or “Instead of doing it that way, why not do it like this?” And then the project stopped, not because I was thinking how to incorporate the suggestions into my piece, but because I lost confidence in my original idea, even though I thought it was a good one. I didn’t want to continue with MY idea, because I thought it might offend the suggestor. Okay, I need to get over myself! If I have an idea I think is good, I need to simply say, “Thank you for sharing” to the other person and carry on doing what I was doing to begin with. Sometimes people have good suggestions, but sometimes it is not what I want. So now there is another decision: do I not show my projects to anyone until they are finished or do I learn to say “thanks for sharing”. Or both. I think I need to get a thicker skin and stop worrying about others if I think my idea is a good one to begin with. Easier said than done.

In the meantime, I will continue chipping away at my UFO pile. Do y’all have this big of a UFO pile? I mean, seriously, there have to be more than 20 UFOs I have found “so far”. Let me know how big your UFO pile is.


“Almost” Weaving

Back from the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival. My classes were so much fun! I got to hang out with Gale Evans of Gale’s Art and watch the shoppers drool over her beautiful rovings. In the next booth was Red Fish Dyeworks. They had dyed silk yarns in almost every color of the rainbow. Truly awesome colors! I bought some blue and ordered a particular color of gold to be shipped to me in a few weeks for a project I’m in the process of designing. I had my beautiful merino/silk singles with me to show my spinning class and took them to the booth. I bought a purple silk thread to use as warp to my singles weft for a scarf.

Yesterday I actually wound the thread into a ball with the ball winder. I will have to double the thread for warp, but there is plenty to do that. Now I am ready to warp! Since this will be a skinny scarf, the warping shouldn’t take long and then I can begin weaving. This is the closest I have been to a weaving project in eight months and I am really excited. I will keep you posted on the progress/outcome.