Handpainted Socks Almost Here!


That’s the link – if you click on “Table of Contents” and look to the right side of the page, you will see my socks, Braided Gems! Exciting! Though it is slated to be out in January/February, Interweave says it will be out in December in time for your holiday gift wish list! Be sure to add it now!

And, no, they didn’t get my name wrong. I have changed my name! More excitement! Out with the old and in with the new. No more Margaret Heathman, who was getting entirely too stuffy and stodgy in her old age. Bring on Elizabeth Ravenwood who is willing to step out and experiment and adventure into hitherto unknown depths of literature and fiber arts! You can find me as nevermoreforest on Ravelry.

My Red Heart Tweed, Pure and Simple sweater is coming along swimmingly and my goal is to have it finished by Thanksgiving so I can wear it to dinner at my friend, Cheryl’s, house. I also am working on my Reducio Sock Swap items – so far I have the mini-sock and the bookscarf finished and am working on an “official” Ravenclaw school sweater vest, a Butterbeer Cork Bracelet, a Ravenclaw Wizard Chess Board, and some knitted Weasley’s Wildfire Whizbang sparklers. Of course, everything is teeny-tiny, so I’m hoping it won’t take long to get it all finished. Also, for my swap partner’s package, I got some jack-o-lantern candies from the Halloween Feast, a set of “ghosts flying in formation”, and an “After the Patronus” bit of Dark Chocolate. I love these swaps! I get to meet folks from all over the world and get tiny things that have been knitted just for me! I keep my tiny sock collection on my keychain – no problem finding my keys, anymore!


Spectacular SAFF

Another Spectacular SAFF has come and gone and what a fabulous time it was! I got to visit with two friends Charlene Schurch and Geri Forkner – two of the most creative women on the face of the planet!!!! – have short visits with many, many more friends, and made some new friends (HI Puggerhugger!) along the way. I love fiber folk!

My classes were packed and my stomach is still sore from so much laughing. Yes, we had great times in class! I love that everyone comes to class with different yarns so I get to see what’s new since my yarn shop forays are few and far between these days. My spinning classes on Friday – Spinning the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars – impacted the Saturday and Sunday classes because all the glittery fiber we used kept flying through the air and I found it on all my knitting class samples. Too much fun!

I said I wasn’t going to buy anything, but spin from my stash this year. That resolution lasted until about five seconds after I entered SAFF. I came home with more Cormo – I LOVE this fiber – to spin up for a vest for moi and some of Tina Evan’s great mohair locks to use for puppet hair. There were so many vendors who had such creative wares that the short time I had to fly through the vendor area was spent with my mouth open – either in amazement or laughing at the funnies that popped out everywhere.

If you have never been to SAFF, you are missing THE BEST FIBER SHOW of the year. Plan to make the trip next year – you won’t be disappointed!

Now that I am back home and have checked my Ravelry groups, I am gearing up for the next Reducio Sock Swap! I also was able to check out the new HP movie trailer! Awesome stuff!